Sutradhar Institute of 
Dance & Related Arts 
Pandemic Hues

Inspired by Anila Kumari

Partnered with the ROW Foundation (Rivers of the World) - Pandemic Hues: Poetry, Paint and Dance highlights perspectives of hope for our world today. Original visual art, essay and dance on the topic of living through a pandemic are presented together with reflections on our sacred river systems. Students listened sat under the magnolia tree, and listened to stories about goddess Ganga of the water, Durga, of the protective mother divine.  As they listened, they created their art as an affirmation of how they saw Covid and more importantly, themselves - like the river, flowing on.

"Faith is the Bird that feel the light and sings when the dawn is still dark" - Rabindranath Tagore
Rohan Ashby
Veena Kannan
Anya Vedentambe - "I find myself at the center of my own universe."
Amarteya Shourie
Diya Breeding
Anila Kumari, dancer
What began as a gentle Lakshmi grew her hair out in wild abandon and emerged as Durga
Arya Das
Sephira Amen
Maya Brennig
Lily Henry Austin
Zoe Quezada
Mrinali Giovantonne - Sita building a hut with a pink out house and polkadots because the bathroom is where she finds peace.
Riya Devi Ashby
Arya Das