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Called “poetry in motion…that transcends the bounds of culture” by the Washington Post, the summer program at Sutradhar brings an immersive experience for four weeks, to kids ages 4 to 18 years, from June 17 to July 12, 2024.  Started by renowned educator Nilimma Devi who said “art must nourish body and soul,” the camp brings a deep dive into classical Indian theater- storytelling, Kuchipudi dance, acting, martial arts, yoga, mask and prop-making, poetry and script writing, floor painting (i.e. Rangoli) and clay sculpture. After a morning of yoga under the bamboo, campers get to listen to master storytellers before going on to visual art.  A “fun-filled” staging of the epic Ramayana is put on by campers on July 11, 2024, as well as a book fair for young authors.  
Classes include:?~ Stories told from the Ramayana?~ Stories of African heroines who led slave rebellions while learning how to dolls by Smithsonian diaspora storyteller, Camilla Bryce Laporte

~ Kuchipudi introduced in basic steps, hand gestures and full dances

~ Classical mimetic technique with micro-movements of eyes, fingers and neck while accessing the 9 states of feeling (i.e. bhava)

~ World music traditions introduced by Bill Jenkins
~ South Indian vocal introduced by Devi Dutta??Paint, Draw and Sculpt:?~ Make clay Ganesha?~ Draw mandalas using dried flowers, leaves and berries?~ Basics of Patachitra, Rangoli and Madhubani technique??Learn how to:?~ Vinayasa Yoga asanas/sitting in mindfulness?~ Martial Arts in East Indian Thang Ta and Kalaripayattu
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Sutradhar Institute's
Indian Dance, Theater & Poetry

Summer Program

June 17th to July 12th 2024
Monday through Friday, 9am to 4pm

1525 Forest Glen Road 
Silver Spring Maryland 20910

TO ENROLL ONLINE for Sutradhar's Indian Dance, Drama & Poetry Summer Program please complete the registration form with the option to pay via PayPal through the links below.

$400 one week
$775 two weeks (save $25)
$1150 three weeks (save $50)
$1500 four weeks (save $100)

Summer Program - One Week ($400)
One Week
Summer Program - Two Weeks ($775)
Two Weeks
Summer Program - Three Weeks ($1150)
Three Weeks
Summer Program - Four Weeks ($1,500)
Four Weeks
Camper Quotes:

"I think the class is interesting because it let's you practice dance but makes it fun.  Plus you get to draw the story and imagine you are writing a book."  ~Leela Brennig

"I like the story telling because it is fun."  ~Ranvita Sen

"I also like story telling because it gives everyone a chance to have fun and draw." ~Alma Wong