Sutradhar Institute of 
Dance & Related Arts 

In Pursuit of the Goddess - Tuesdays at 7pm 

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In Pursuit of the Goddess Single Class


In Pursuit of the Goddess - 4 sessions a month


In Pursuit of the Goddess - Semester One


In Pursuit of the Goddess - Semester Two


Sutradhar presents a unique course for adults which includes an exploration of inner divinity through Indian classical dance, yoga, and poetry. Divinity is concieved beyond the physical form and hence beyond gender. When it is manifest it is seen as he, she, and it. Even though art, like philosophy transcends the dichotomy of male and female. We view various goddesses and their symbolism expressed in poem, myth, and philosophy through kinetic expressions that is larger and deeper than the vision it creates. 

The classes consist of

* Warm up exercises based on yoga sanas to stretch the body and still the mind. 

* Practise of chosen "adavus" and "jathis" (movement vocabulary) to experience the compelling power of rhythm aand its symbolic interpretation in music, dance, and philosophy. 

* Study of the rich code of hand gestures that aid in the verbal poem and myth into a visual treat. 

* Also discussed, some interesting aspects of gender and divinity.