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Dance & Related Arts 
Walk the Sky
Walk the sky celebrates the life of Mahadevi Akka who invited the ire of her husband the King, the entire city and her own parents, for writing and singing.  Seeking the freedom to write her poetry, she left the abusive constraintes of her royal marriage despite threats to her life. Alone in the forests, shorn of all social support, she took her yearning for Shiva to absolute enlightenment.   The collaborative choreographic effort, uses martial arts, yoga and Dhrupad singing and was praised by crtics in the Washington Post.  An enormous mask represents the enraged Durga  in righteous indignation, dancing on behalf of all who seek to voice their freedom.
Rama Sabdam
Narrative of the great epic Ramayana, where the hero and heroine, Rama and Sita, are exiled and face many ordeals. They finally return to the city of Ayodhya where they are received with a grand celebration.  

Choreography by Nilimma Devi 
Text: Telegu
Saraswati Vandana 
Ode to Mother Earth and Goddess of Knowledge. This dance expresses the human spirit's quest for higher knowledge.

Choreography by Nilimma Devi
Text: Sanskrit
Kabira, Gossomar of Soul - Fabric of Life
This dance is based on a 16th century mystic poem by Kabir. Man is likened to a piece of fabric, woven by the hands of the Master Weaver; attaining peace only after climbing metaphorical mountains in life. 

Choreography by Nilimma Devi
Text: Hindi
Markandeya Leela
The story of Markendeya, a devotee of Lord Shiva, who was destined to die young. He prays to Shiva to rescue him from the clutches of Yama, God of death. This dances depicts the struggle between Shiva and Yama, and demonstrates the power of faith over death.  

Choreography by Nilimma Devi
Text: Sanskrit/Telegu
Based on the episode of the Mahabharata, this dance depicts the incident when Druapadi, the heroine, is gambled away by her husband to the Kaurva King. She is brought to the court to be publicly humiliated by the stripping of her sari. Draupadi cries out for justice and divine intervention causes her sari to become endless, frustrating her tormentors. 

Choreography by Nilimma Devi
Text: Sanskrit