Sutradhar Institute of 
Dance & Related Arts 

Lotus Buds (beginners, ages 5 and up) - Fridays at 5-6:15pm & Sundays at 11:30am-12:45pm


Lotus Blossoms  (intermediate & advanced group) - Fridays 5-6:30pm, Saturdays 10-11:30am, & Sundays 10-11:30am

In Pursuit of the Goddess (Adults) Tuesdays 7-8:30pm 


Fees for the above classes

4 sessions a month is $100

8 sessions a month $190

Total Fees for Semester 1 - January through June - once a week is $560 and twice a week $1,140.

Total Fees for Semester 2 - September through - December once a week is $360 and twice a week $700.

Dynamic Martial Arts Cross Training - Saturdays 1pm ($80 a month, $25 a single session, $560 for Semester One, $360 for Semester Two)

Yoga for Strength and Peace of Mind - Mondays 1pm-2pm & 7pm-8pm ($80 a month, $25 a single session, $560 for Semester One, $360 for Semester Two)

*One make up class per month is allowed within one month of the missed class. 

Your first class at Sutradhar is free. To attend your first free session please fill out the following form and we will get back with you confirming the day and time. 

"When I walk through the studio door all my worries just fall away.  I can't believe how this space has helped change the rest of my work week.  I am an eye surgeon and clients can be a tad stressful.  Since starting the goddess and martial arts class, I actually have more patience.  My stamina has gone up.  I find my joy right here." 

~Jualenda Boschulte