Sutradhar Institute of 
Dance & Related Arts 

Khilton Nongmaithem

Khilton Nongmaithem has been a steadfast, stellar contributing member of the Sutradhar Institute of Dance and Related Arts (SIDRA).   SIDRA – a world renowned performing arts company – has been working with the expertise of Nongmaithem in myriad theatrical and educational venues ranging from high profile Smithsonian performances to children’s group martial arts demonstration.  His work has been unfailingly of the caliber that exceeds high expectations both as a barometer of artistic excellence (the Washington Post’s Style is a positive reviewer) and as an educator.  Versatile, a superb athlete, and readily communicative, Nongmaithem has brought the intricacies of his technique and its embedded history in Manipur, to classes run at the Institute. 

Working with dancers in the Devi Dance Theater he has shared his training in London which has included collaborative improvisational technique, Japanese Noh movement, and neuroskeletal alignment with movement.   He has co-choreographed the dramatic battle sequence for the well-reviewed Walk the Sky and the more recent break-out piece called Mandala.  With such a breadth of versatility, cross-training in divergent theater genres, and a infectious joy in his craft, Khilton has been invaluable to raising the standard of the Institute and its artistic production. He authored “The Martial Art of Manipur India” with Dainis Jirgensons, which was published in the Journal of Asian Martial Arts Volume 7 Number 4-1998.