Sutradhar Institute

of Dance and Related Arts


“Weaving Life” is inspired by lyrics of three poems on weaving from three diverse cultural traditions. It draws from Navajo (Native American), Indian (Asian American) and spirituals (African American) narratives. 

Each cultural voice has a separate sphere but a shared message. The Navajo song depicts the patient rhythm of weaving as a way to achieve wisdom. The South Asian poem by Kabir refers to the Divine as the skilled weaver who weaves the gossamer of our soul. 

The spirituals use white long robes as a symbol of truth and purity. This mundane task of weaving was reinvented by Mahatma Gandhi who made it a symbol of national identity and freedom. 

According to Ashis Nandy the author of “The Intimate Enemy” Gandhi’s counter modernity became a tool of dissent and liberation. The metaphor of weaving is stretched to include the strands of diverse cultures, genders and groups coming together in a luminous tapestry of one human family.

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Weaving Life